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Impairment Reporting System Landing Page

Please report your impairment by clicking the button below.

Email Confirmation - Some users may not receive the confirmation email immediately upon submitting an impairment report.  Rest assured that your report has been received.  You will receive a 'reminder' email 48 hours after the Estimated Date of Restoration that you entered, which will include a link to report the restoration.    

Instructions:  Enter information, click on the 'Next' button, then on the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form to complete the initial submission process and the restoration process.

Upon submitting the impairment a confirmation will be emailed to you.  Please save this email!  It will be needed to report the restoration.  The email will include a PDF of your notification along with a link back to your impairment record so that it can be updated or closed out. 

Best Practices

1) A current web browser must be used (ie, Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
2) Complete the impairment form within 20 minutes to ensure the information is received 
3) Do not click on the 'restoration' link in the confirmation email until you are ready to report the restoration 
4) Do not switch from a mobile device to a computer (or vice-versa) when reporting on the same impairment/restoration 

5) Have your IT 'white list' the Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) domain and the following IP Addresses so that your firewalls and spam filters do not block the confirmation emails:

Domains                                                 IP Addresses              (US & CA)                         (US & CA)               

6) Check your Junk Folder for missing confirmation emails 

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Special Assistance
Europe-Mid East-Africa        +44 121 697 9131
Latin America - Brazil          +55 11 96845-9097
Latin America - Mexico        +52 1 55 45 88 96 28
North America              /  +1-800-695-6036

Privacy Policy  |  Legal

Attention: The Zurich Group Companies and SurveyGizmo's software used to operate our fire protection impairment system are located in the US. Zurich has appropriate measures and controls in place to ensure that this data transfer is carried out securely and in compliance with our legal obligations. If you do not care to complete this form, please exit now.